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Residential Cleaning Services

We customize our cleaning duties to meet your specific needs. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Kitchen: dusting of kitchen; all appliances (inside and out); wiping down all cabinets; drip pans cleaned; counter tops cleaned; outside of range hoods cleaned; sinks cleaned and disinfected; chrome shined; floors vacuumed and mopped; cobwebs removed; doors frames and doors cleaned; baseboards cleaned; all kitchen furniture cleaned; ceiling fans cleaned and dusted.

Living Rooms, Bedrooms & Family Rooms: dusting of furniture and knick knacks; vacuuming of furniture and floors (edge-cleaned); moving of furniture to vacuum underneath; stairs vacuumed; swiffering or sweeping of floors and hard surfaces (under furniture if accessible); hand dusting of end tables and furniture; dusting or wiping off picture frames, knick knacks and other ornaments; cobwebs removed; baseboards cleaned; doors and doors frames cleaned; window ledges and sills cleaned; mini blinds dusted; lampshades dusted; closet floors vacuumed; louvered doors dusted; ceiling fans cleaned; window sill and ledges cleaned.

Bathrooms: toilets, sinks, tile walls, showers, shower doors, bathtubs and vanites cleaned and disinfected; mirrors cleaned; chrome shined and disinfected; floors wash and disinfected.